Business insurance can help you to protect your business interests for you and your family in the event of unexpected circumstances.  Business insurance includes cover against your own death or disability, or the death or disability of a key business partner.

Business Insurance also allows for another specialist benefit called Business Expense Insurance. Business Expense Cover insurers your fixed business expenses, following your chosen waiting period. If you suffer a loss of business income due to sickness or injury, the business can still maintain its overheads. This can be structured for a 12 monthly or up to 2 yr benefit, depending on the right insurer for your circumstances.

Business Insurance types;

  • Key Person Insurance generally covers the directors of the business. Key man will be the most important people in the company. Keyman Insurance protects the individual(s) against potential revenue loss and capital expenses. We can also structure the protection for yourself, including your family, business debts or guarantees, in the event of death, disability or critical illness.
  • Business Succession Planning provides your business a way to have an equitable exit for a surviving partner or shareholder(s). We will help your structure your business to purchase your share of the business in the event of your death, total and permanent disability, or critical illness.

A business insurance adviser will help you get the right access to comprehensive advice, critical for your wealth protection options. We will tailor the cover so its competitive and the business insurance policies meet your business protection needs.

Our business insurance solutions offer a high level of protection for your business interests. Our experienced, highly-qualified insurance specialists will source a wide range of business insurance products from leading providers within Australia. Everything from Business Expense, Key Person and Business Succession Planning Insurance.

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