Australian employers must meet compulsory superannuation obligations in relation to their employees. We service the needs of the medium to large sized Business Super sector.

Business Super is focused on building businesses that;

  • Have over 20 employees.
  • Want a super fund that already complies with the Choice of Fund legislation and makes operating in a ‘choice of super fund’ environment easy to use and operate.
  • Prefer to make contributions electronically.

Key features offered through Business Super;

  • Extensive and diverse investment options.
  • Low costs on Administration and servicing.

Business Super offers a wide investment menu of funds within an extensive range of investment styles and asset classes. These include;

  • Single Manager funds.
  • Multi Manager funds.
  • Sector specific funds.
  • Diversified funds.
  • Index funds.
  • Infrastructure funds.
  • Domestic and international investment funds.
  • Cash, commercial property, Australian shares and ETF’s.

Business Super provides superior value and very competitive pricing. This is due to the pooling together of employees’ super, resulting in group-based rates. Super solutions for today, tomorrow and in the future.

Employers have access to an extensive range of Business Super services;

  • Immediate registration, transition management and new member set up.
  • A wide choice of investment funds.
  • Access to group insurance cover for death, disablement and income protection.
  • Competitive and flexible pricing with group fee discounts.
  • Efficient and time saving online contribution payment options.
  • Policy committee support.
  • Dedicated customer service and reliable administration support.
  • Transparent and easy to use website.
  • Rollover and super consolidation support.

Employees have an range of member Business Super services including;

  • Interactive online financial education, calculators and resources.
  • Helpful and efficient telephone and online customer service.
  • The ability for members to keep many benefits when they change jobs
  • A straight forward transfer to pension option when members retire.

Get all your Business Super needs for your company and employees

We recommend you to talk to us direct so you don’t make a mistake and we can give you right Financial Advice for your circumstances relating to Business Super, Call 1300 850 902 today!

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