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Need More Insurance Cover!?

“Have you found that you can’t secure Income Protection Cover to the level you need?”

“Are you earning above set targets of your salary that could include bonuses?”

“Do you need more personal insurance cover due to increase in debt, want to provide for your dependents and make sure that the house is in order?

You may have growing assets, carrying debt levels that need to be protected against in the unforeseen event of Death, Critical Illness, Sickness and Accident, Total and Permanent Disability?

Well do we have the good news for you!?

We can insure you for larger amounts than you thought possible.

We not only provide you with the best possible cover but we will also look after you in all other areas where your financial foundation may be weak. It pays off to get specialist Insurance Advice early in your life stages so in the event that when you may be first diagnosed with an irreversible sickness you have the right insurance protection in place.

Don’t Leave It Till It Too Late

When starting out early in your career its best to take the long term view in that how can i provide for myself, my family and or loved ones if something were to happen to me. As we are living longer and also working longer, starting with the end in mind and working our way back is generally best practice. Having a Insurance broker formulate the right amount cover is critical as the sums insured may be large, however triggering a larger than normal benefit amount could basically mean been setup for life as opposed to been left short and having to sell assets and or borrow.

Generally self insuring isn’t bullet proof as for what could be around the corner may actually be a visit from a medical professional providing us the news we never wanted. However taking action now to inquire with a insurance specialist about getting enough insurance cover will mean the next steps in preserving your capital today. Avoid the trap of not doing anything and inquire so you don’t need to sell down your wealth!

For more information on getting the right amount of protection today call us direct on 1300 850 902 or simply leave your details below and we’ll contact you!

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