Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Is the first meeting free?

Yes the first meeting is free. Sydney wide our financial planners can come and see you, alternatively you can arrange for a convenient place to meet. In today’s society we have the ability to conduct our meetings at your work place, cafe’s, library’s, or in a location of your choice that you are comfortable with.
We provide over the phone consulting, including Skype etc.
Interstate visits are available apon request.

What Does Wyse Wealth Have To Do With Neo Financial Solutions Pty Ltd?

It is a requirement by law that financial planners must hold a license with ASIC (Australian Securities and Investments Commission). ASIC is the governing body of financial planners and is similar to the ATO, who governs tax. Certified financial planners hold a license directly with ASIC and are therefore, directly accountable to ASIC. In Wyse Wealth Financial Plannings case, Neo Financial Solutions Pty Ltd holds the license, and we operate under their strict code of conduct and follow their licence requirements.

I Have An Accountant, Isn’t That Enough?

Accountants mostly deal with tax related issues, and there are accountants who specialise in niche areas. Financial planners and advisers provide advice across an extensive range of financial areas such as self managed superannuation, investments, insurance, business advice, estate planning, aged care and so on. Financial Planners work with Accountants and to have both professionals working as a team will give you twice the results!

Why is Financial Advice Important?

Quality financial advice can help you create a secure and comfortable future for you and your family. Our advice is based on your goals and priorities which are tailored to suit your needs for your financial future.

I Make All My Financial Plans Myself, Why Change Now?

Let me answer this by asking you a question. If you had a tooth ache, would you pull the tooth out yourself? With little to no knowledge at all how to do such a procedure. You go to a specialist, such as the dentist. This is the same scenario with your finances. Yes you may know a little about investing, however, understanding the complexities, legalities and the fundamentals of financial planning is why you use a financial adviser. A financial planning adviser will help you make accurate decisions that enhance your lifestyle and build your wealth. So why jeopardise your financial future. Take the time to have a meeting with one of our Financial Planners with proven track records!


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