What Do Financial Planners Do?

Financial planners are like financial architects. Their goal is to take the myriad of financial tools and apply it to the foundation of their clients financial circumstances. Often strengthening the foundation and creating the blueprints for a bright and secure future.

All Financial Planners are held to fiduciary standards in their dealing with clients and must abide by a strict Code of Ethics, and continue to work in your best interests at all times.

A Financial Planner is trained to assist you with every aspect of your financial life, not just investment planning or insurance planning. They can design a customized financial plan to suit your life long needs in the short, medium and long-term. They will always continue to be actively accessible to you, with the professional service you require for a secure financial future.

How Do i Get in Touch With a Financial Planner?

Reputable financial planners are typically engaged within their circles of trust. They serve their clients in that they deliver them results and outcomes. Generally a good financial planner will come from an existing client as a referral. Locating them can be difficult as not all advertise, however an accountant, finance broker or lawyer maybe able to refer you one. When you speak with financial planners, be open, honest, authentic and provide them with what you are trying to achieve and then you can discuss more about the figures. Remember, its a long term relationship. Nothing is short term in the planning game except death and taxes!

When should i begin working with a Financial Planner?

Believe it or not but, the sooner you start the quicker you can retire. Its always good to check if the financial planner has been active in the media, community and or does charity events. Make sure that you are organised, have all your documents ready to go and have a good understanding of what you want to achieve.

At Wyse Wealth Financial Planning, our quest is to achieve your financial lifestyle outcomes, deliver high levels of services, effectiveness, communication and value to you.

What a Financial Adviser does for you when setting up the right financial structure

  • Work alongside home owners, investors and business people to structure the optimal way to direct cash flow with their existing loan structures.
  • Educate your to understand entering for the first time the real estate market, or leveraging our resources to maximise your property outcomes.
  • We use our knowledge and comprehensive modelling software to demonstrate how to maximize the home loan and investment property figures.

Your Financial Adviser will provide the most effective financial structure

  • Discuss your existing situation, your debt requirements and obtain all necessary information pertaining to your portfolio loan structure types.
  • Explain the types of cash flow management strategies available to you.
    Based on the information provided by you and utilizing specialist financial forecasting software.
  • Provide an overview of your ‘debt Vs. Budget’ incorporating the relevant costs associated with existing and future investments.
  • Provide an in-depth overview of the effect of acquiring, holding and disposing loan structures.
  • Assist with any future financial forecasting requirements.
  • Help you maximise existing investment property foundations.

In line with your goals, needs and objectives we conduct a portfolio review service to maintain that you are still on track to achieve the financial freedom you deserve!

It is essential once you have a plan in place to review it every 6-12 months to ensure the performance is in context of the investment and portfolio construction. These disciplines cater for accurate asset allocation strategies.

Asset and Liability Modelling Analysis

I’ll analyze your portfolio structure, its relationship with financial needs over time and its ability to meet your financial needs.  Managing and minimizing significant risks to financial security is our objective. Long term investment planning (modelling and management of the ability of assets to meet needs over time) is reviewed on a continual basis. We project manage models that co-inside with your needs, goals and long term investment objectives.

Risk Assessment and Profiling

We educate and assess your attitude towards investment risks that affect the ability of assets to meet your needs over time. Any performance risks that could affect the constructed investment mix, we try to eliminate, depending of a variety of variables.

Fees and Charges Analysis

I’ll assess the overall fee and charging structure relative to service quality, content and execution. Basically, are you getting value for money and, if not, what should you do? With personal and in-depth analysis I can provide you a holistic recommendation on your present position.

Integrated wealth management solutions

Is your overall wealth management relationship being properly integrated and managed? My review service will project your future position with updated reports on your current portfolio. The aim is to keep you on track. I’ll will educate you and demonstrate the efficiencies of my practice. At Wyse Wealth we will review your financial plan so you are moving forward to financial freedom.

Management and Reporting Service

Our tailor made packages are designed;

  • Specifically structured for your Self Managed Superannuation Fund.
  • Consolidated reports covering all investments in your portfolio.
  • Easier tax and record-keeping.
  • Easy to understand, quick and effective – Receive the benefits of market leading service standards on applications, redemption’s, unit pricing, income distributions, taxation information and transactions.
  • Transact today, generally obtain tomorrow’s unit prices, and receive an immediate confirmation of your transaction. Should you need to redeem some money?
  • Straight through process to access your account information for Management and Reporting purposes- 24hour, 7 days a week access to your financial portfolio information online and consolidated reporting.
  • The simplicity of only dealing with one contact for your portfolio transactions.
  • Control over what you invest in.
  • Once your account has been setup, you will have instant access to ASX live data and managed fund research.

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