At Wyse Wealth, we look after you by

  • Understanding all your concerns and needs.
  • Disclosing what it is we can achieve for you.
  • Communiate with you every step of the financial planning process.
  • Been direct in our communication with you.
  • Providing you security, certainty in what it is we, so you have a peace of mind.
  • We give unbiased and tailored financial solutions.
  • Personalized service for as long as you are a client with us.
  • Committed to delivering you value and results.

As a service provider of specialized financial services, our clients come first and foremost. We understand that financial planning is an important step in providing a secure financial future for you and your family.

Our focus is to build a trusting relationship with all our clients. At Wyse Wealth, we ensure that each and everyone of our clients is treated as an individual and not a number! We will work for you! Providing you tailored and strategic solutions for each and everyone of your unique situation.

It’s paramount that you entrust us to manage your financial affairs as to improving your financial situation. We work hard and also smart, we call this a working relationship. We are passionate, ethical and disciplined in providing specialized advice and personalized customer service.

What you get from Our Services

  • Personalised and tailored financial advice.
  • Efficient and effective ways to enhance your financial circumstances.
  • Ongoing service and support.
  • Informed and timely strategies that coincide with your needs, goals and objectives.
  • Attention to detail. I.e. Financial analysis on expenditure.

What we offer you is

  • Access to your very own professional financial planning expert, who is hold you accountable and someone that you can trust.
  • Holistic and specialized experts in financial planning, financial advice, life insurance, investment advice, self managed superannuation. Additionally, philanthropy based advice as per your requirements.
  • Access to a large amount of resources that spans decades of experience and wealth.
  • Personalised and strategic advice – Retirement strategies (this includes Self Managed Superannuation Advice).
  • Results driven advice, all available in a written form, in the form of a detailed and easy to understand financial plan. I.e.: Saving for your children’s education or planning for retirement.
  • Tax effective financial structures, that will provide you a better outcome that if you were to do nothing. Both personally and in your business operations.
  • Benefits and service you can depend on.
  • Up to date legislative, regulatory and market information.
  • Financial Management and reporting.
  • Quarterly, half yearly and yearly portfolio reviews.
  • Peace of mind knowing your money is working for you.
  • Transparency, security and certainty.
  • In house Administration, paraplanning and Financial Advice.
What to Expect
  • End to End Process. From start to finish. We will guide you all the way along the Financial Planning Process.
  • Regular newsletters, reports on your investments, legislative updates and educational material.
  • Immediate attention to detail with implementation of your recommendations.

At Wyse Wealth Financial Planning we hold ourselves responsible for building that long term relationship. Our priority is to advise you on your financial affairs. You can with us at anytime. For more information, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

How much does it cost?

Because our service is unique to you and depends on your personal circumstances, the advice fees we charge will vary in amount. They will be clearly outlined in the documents that we present to you. I.e; Terms Of Engagement.

Our objective is that you not only understand how much you are paying, but also what you receive for your money. Its important that we have clear communication and a working synergy. The value we deliver will far outweigh the cost, now and into your financial future!

Our fees fall into three categories
  1. Advice.
  2. Implementation.
  3. Ongoing service fees.
Advice fees

Our advice is the key service that we provide to you and the projected outcomes will be presented in your Statement of Advice. Our fees are upfront and can be structured so that we can accommodate your financial position cash flow effectively.

Implementation fees

Our strategies may recommend that you purchase certain services or products from a range of providers. If you accept these recommendations, fees are charged to meet the cost of establishing services and products on your behalf. These will be clearly set out in the Statement of Advice. (Strategy Document).

Ongoing service fees

As we have outlined above, the ongoing service is an essential part of our relationship with you. As part of our recommendations we will discuss the level and types of ongoing service which are suitable for your needs. We will provide full details of these and any costs associated with them in the Statement of Advice.

Contacting Wyse Wealth

We welcome the opportunity to discuss your complexities and financial needs via phone call, email and Skype. We can come to you if you prefer, alternatively we invite you to our offices in Perth CBD, North Sydney or Sydney CBD.

Step 1 -€“ How do we get started?

Whenever you talk to us we are going to spend as much time as it takes getting to know you, your goals and dreams. This is a time for you to do the talking and ask as many questions as you like, because we know you are the sort of client who likes to know the latest strategies.

Step 2 -€“ Getting all the facts

Following our meeting, we will need you to provide us with some specific information. We have a specific form for this called a Discovery Document. With your permission we can collect information from other businesses to save you time if you wish.

Step 3 – €“Strategy development and presentation

This is where we can really help you with a strategy that matches your goals. By understanding what you want to achieve in life and how far you are towards achieving those goals, we can then use our expertise and resources to develop the necessary strategies.

Step 4 -€“ Recommendations

Our recommendations will be provided in the form of a Statement of Advice€™. This will include not only full details of the strategies we recommend but also full information on the implementation approaches, strategies considered and rejected, and the cost to you to implement the recommended approach.

Step 5 -€“ Implementation

Once we have reviewed the strategies together and you have indicated you are happy to proceed, we will then set out an implementation plan. Again, this provides a clear guide to what we are going to do, the expected turnaround time, and the associated costs.

Step 6 -€“ Ongoing service

Developing and implementing your plans is not a one off event,€“ it is an ongoing process which evolves as you review and refine your needs and life goals. We aim to ensure that not only are you satisfied with the initial advice and financial strategies that we give you. Also that you are confident that your financial plan will continue to meet your lifestyle needs.

During the first two steps we’€™ll outline some of our thoughts and give you a clear idea of what we will be considering in developing the strategies for you. We’€™ll also let you know the time frame for presenting our recommendations to you and cost of providing our recommendations.

Once your strategy has been implemented it is important that you continue to receive information, both technically and legislatively. If future changes are required, regularly reviews  will ensure how we can maintain meeting your life goals and current needs.

  • Newsletters: I will send you a regular newsletter with articles on financial markets, changing legislation and new investment strategies. This will include a market commentary that explains market expectations for the next period.
  • All year round access to myself.
  • Regular Communications.
  • Liaison with other institutions.
Additional services include
  • Yearly technical strategies that you may or may not qualify for, but we can build for you in the future.
  • Reviewing your financial plan, strategy(s), investment portfolio.
  • Re-assessing your personal circumstances, risk profile, needs and objectives.
  • Setting up a succession plan so your business is your retirement nest egg!

Contacting Wyse Wealth

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