Income Protection Insurance is by far the most essential form of insurance policy you will ever own!

Income Protection Insurance;

  • provides an income benefit payment if you are unable to work due to the event of sickness or accident. A Cover 24hours a day, 7 days a week, anywhere in the world.
  • premiums are usually tax deductible based on eligibility and that you are paying Tax – See your Accountant for eligibility.
  • benefits are paid as a monthly income for the duration of your sickness or accident benefit period, rather than as a lump sum.
  • assists with maintaining your present lifestyle and debt obligations.
  • helps with cashflow.
  • pays you the income generally as a benefit on a monthly basis.

If you already have existing insurance protection insurance cover, you could be eligible to have applied significant premium savings with us, cause of our extensive knowledge and industry experience.

Income Protection Insurance;

  • policies typically cap the amount of applied cover to 75% of your total monthly gross income. To make up the other portion we can provide you a lump sum cover to cover the shortfall.
  • policies can be structured to include optional death insurance, trauma insurance and total permanent disablement insurance, all that pay as a lump sum.
  • income protection insurance can be positioned inside and outside of superannuation.
  • can be either taken on a stepped or level premium. Depending on your circumstances generally over time a stepped premium will increase significantly after a given year and to change may not be possible if your health status has changed.
  • policies are complex and without understanding and knowing the terminology or policy wording, second guessing is not worth it.
  • cover is there because it protects your ability to earn an income – Your most insurable asset! Without it, you risk losing all your hard earned assets. I.e.: Property, business and cars.


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Each year more than 1 million Australians experience serious injury or illness, which either requires hospitalisation or prevents them from working.

Source: ABS National Health Survey – Summary of results 2004-2005.

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