Lost Super accounts for over $18 billion in unclaimed superannuation and is just waiting for you to claim it. Lost Super is like winning the lotto! And not surprising how lazy we become when the typical Australian refers to Superannuation. At the end of the day its still money and is there for your retirement. Who know, your funds could total in the thousands if not tens of thousands.

The question is with Lost Super!

  1. Do you have multiple lost super statements and don’t know what to do with them?
  2. Did you know that by consolidating all your super funds you could have more monies in retirement and potentially have the financial lifestyle that you always wanted?
  3. Unable to interpret or know what to do?

Over the lifetime of an individual he/she can have multiple employers and its difficult to keep up with all the lost super paperwork and accounts. Lost Super is an important part of your everyday life and without money in retirement the consequences could be life threatening. With high fees and many different accounts the funds could be becoming less and less if nothing is done about them.

How Do i go about finding my Lost Super?

We identify what you requirements are first, and then work with you to recommend what is the best solution and or fund for your needs, goals and objectives. Leaving it too late can end up in the governments hands and is proven difficult to be refunded back to the consumer. However, working with a financial planner can have instant educational impacts in how to better manage your finances. Do you want the best super fund for your Lost Super to be contributed into?

What will finding my Lost Super cost me?

We will provide a quote for you on consolidating your Lost Super funds into a complying superannuation fund with the following benefits;

Consolidation Service for Lost Superannuation throughout Australia

  • Reduced fees,
  • Transparency,
  • Login’s to accounts,
  • Management and reporting,
  • Account linking if you have a family member(s),
  • Extensive investment selection(s).



We can help you sort out Your Lost Super!!

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