Do you have 1, 2 or even 3 lost superannuation accounts?……Well you’re not alone. The average worker has approximately three or more lost superannuation accounts. Over time, having multiple super accounts could potentially decrease your retirement savings. No one likes paying more fees than they have to unless the value outweighs the cost.

By not consolidating your Lost Superannuation, the government will eventually get their hands on your retirement money. All that hard work and nothing to show? Wouldn’t you want your funds in the hands of an expert if not your own? In order to apply to have your superannuation transferred to an complying super fund of your choice. The first step is to attempt to get superannuation advice so your funds are looked after in the long.

My Super And How Lost Superannuation Works

Under the current governments rules all lost super, including default funds and investments that had never been once switched since inception now go to the new My Super. My Super, a government initiative, again may not be suitable. Getting Financial Advice from  a Financial Planner can show you how and what to invest in, when it comes to finding all your lost superannuation.

Consolidating all your Lost Superannuation into one account can reduce the fees your pay, making it simpler for you to manage, track and control. The next steps for your Lost Super is to engage the services of a superannuation advice specialist. We provide the security and certainty of delivering sound advice for your future.

Investing For The Long Term With Your Lost Superannuation

As time goes on markets go up and down, however having a strategic investment can save and if not make you thousands of dollars, its that simple. Getting Lost Superannuation Advice is the first step in Australia to realizing what your net worth is.

Recouping Millions in Lost SuperannuationRolling your entire lost superannuation into one account could even be helping your money work harder for you. Getting personalized advice specific to your investing future will deliver the security to deserve. We’ll help you identify what your goals are, so you can make the financial decisions for your future money.

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