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Money does not grow on trees. Money is the reward you get for the hard earned effort and results that you put into the work you do for it. It is imperative to save the money you have generated and invest it on the things that will support your growth. It could be that dream holiday that you have always wanted, or the start-up business that you have been talking about with family and friends. Saving is a life skill, a mind-set that determines our survival.

Advertise your income generating skills for Money

If you have skills that other people can benefit from, then there is no better time than now to advertise them. This can attract the attention of those who need your skills and are willing to pay for them. Alternatively outsource your project in order to have an automated business that simply operates as an income stream. The online businesses that you can go through for this are fiveer, odesk, elance and so on.

Save Money, Make Money

Building long term wealth, generally requires investing for mid to higher returns, but not always guaranteed. Having wealth invested in specific asset classes range from bonds, term deposits, property and shares, all of which could generate better returns than if your money were invested in cash. At the end of the day your money needs to be invested wisely and safely that coincides with your needs, goals and objectives.

Financial Growth


The main way to save money is to cut back on expenses and try build on your existing savings and assets. If you don’t have any investments or assets then you are better off speaking with a financial planner to make this happen.

How Money shapes your lifestyle

The more money one can create the more one can do in terms of having that comfortable lifestyle, rain, hail or shine! Motivation is what drives us in life in relation to getting what it is we want. I.e. that family home you always wanted, a part share in a profitable wine making estate or buying into a commercial property, later to be leased out for income generating purposes.

With a little planning, you could also create a future college fund for your children or have some funds saved up for them to pursue a business idea or specific investment.

In conclusion, earning and saving money is important, not because of what you can do with it today, but what you or your beneficiaries could do with it tomorrow.

It’s never too late to start thinking and putting into action a financial plan to make money. If this is the case get in contact today with Justin Wyse from Wyse Wealth Financial Planning. Phone 1300 850 902 or simply leave your contact details below

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