Why would you want a Self Managed Superannuation Fund?

Acknowledged as one of the most tax effective structures for wealth creation, SMSF’s offer a number of key benefits, including:

  • Control over the structure and all decisions made by fund.
  • Flexibility of investment choice, timing of contributions and access to income stream (pension) payments.
  • Tax effectiveness opportunity to reduce tax rates on investment income and capital gains through the use of franking credits, offsetting capital losses, timing of disposal of assets and other capital gains considerations.
  • Estate planning SMSF’s can be structured to provide effective estate planning.
  • Asset ownership ability to transfer personal shares and business real property into the fund.
  • Asset protection from bankruptcy and other legal claims (up to a limit).


Key things to remember when it comes to Self Managed Superannuation Funds

  • Always maintain that the Insurance and Investment strategy is kept up to date.
  • The money in an SMSF is held in trust for the members of the fund.
  • An SMSF and its assets are controlled by trustees.
  • The fund must be run in accordance with the legislation.
  • The fund receives contributions and rollovers and the trustees decide how the money is invested.
  • When a member is allowed to access their super, the trustees pay money as a lump sum or as a pension.


Other Major Benefits for Self Managed Superannuation Funds

  • More control. You choose the investment strategy and the way it is implemented.
  • Greater investment choice. You may be able to invest in assets such as property, art and collectibles, although there are some limitations imposed by superannuation law and the trust deed of your fund.
  • The ability to buy and own Business Real Property through the self managed superannuation funds.
  • The ability to have a larger purchasing power to acquire larger assets.
  • You may be able to borrow to invest in income-producing assets (such as an investment property or your business premises). Self managed superannuation funds can claim certain borrowing costs, such as interest, as a tax deduction.
  • Greater control over costs. Because you can control the investment management, you may be able to minimise the fees and transaction costs incurred by the investment portfolio. However, for account balances less than $250,000, the costs associated with owning self managed superannuation funds are potentially greater than other funds.
  • Potentially higher net returns. With the potential for lower costs and reduced tax, you may be able to implement a more effective investment strategy and boost your after tax returns.
  • More opportunities for tax-effective investments.
  • The ability to hold and fund insurance cover through self managed superannuation funds using pre-tax dollars.


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