Kara G
Administrative Manager
Morgan Stanley

…Justin from Wyse Wealth Financial Planning supported us in advising and organising our financial portfolio enabling us to establish a clear and consolidated road map for our investments and future financial growth. Justin keeps us informed and aligned to his proposed strategy, investments and related benefits tailored to our situation and goals. He quickly took care of all required paperwork and administration needed with banks, employers etc. as required to transfer, consolidate and invest funds. Have recommended him to my friends.

Richard Childs
Program Manager at Cisco Systems

…Justin is a great guy who really strives to provide the best possible financial advice. We have worked together for some time now and he is always attentive to detail while taking time to get to know who I am and what my goals are. I certainly don’t feel the need to go anywhere else for financial advice and would highly recommend Justin in this capacity.

Mark. A
Business Administrator

……I have been receiving financial advice on my personal financial matters for the past 8 years. My financial adviser’s excellent advice has grown my investment portfolio and protected my position during the global financial crisis.

Joe. B

…In the two half years I have known Justin, he has always been polite and courteous towards me and my family. He has always been punctual on his appointments he has been very helpful in answering all my questions. The thing I like is he is very calm, very easy to talk too and if he is not sure about something he doesn’t give you the bump steer, he’ll try to find out and get back to you asap. We need more people like him, he is a good role model.

Laurel Mason
Support Officer

…Justin explained how I could invest my Superannuation, how Life Insurance and Income Protection Cover protects myself in the event of an emergency. He did a Financial Plan that suited my lifestyle, he helped me get my will done, for in the event of passing on, my estate would be distributed according to my wishes. The advice and support I have received from Justin is way above what I expected and I am so very proud to be one of his clients.

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