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SMSF Advice For the Professional!

One can only do their research and or be referred by someone they trust in order to get quality Financial Advice these days. As widespread Australians cannot rely on their Pension funds for Retirement. The government’s proposal to increase employer contributions from 9.25% to 12%, still will not provide enough for the average family , to be able to retire on.

With the cost of living rising, companies culling and volatile markets swinging wildly as global uncertainty and insecurity become shorter to medium term.

  • There were approximately 23,102 people that went bankrupt in 2010-2011.
  • Failing to plan is planning to fail.
  • The core strength to a Financial Plan is the Advice that drives it.
  • Taking Control of your Super in the form of a Self Managed Super Fund.
  • Getting SMSF Financial Advice from a Financial Planner is the Cure.

We have helped pre-retirees maximise their income streams, see through SMSF wealth is accumulated using proven investment strategies and company employees get access to high end SMSF Financial Advice.

How having an Adviser has provided Security and Certainty!

“Thanks to Wyse Wealth, we are able to manage our own personal cashflow more effectively, create more wealth and live the lifestyle that we wanted to. Without the provided Financial Advice we would be still working for our retirement, have no funds to be able to do the things we enjoyed, neither travel nor support our grand and god children. We are in a position to leave a legacy of wealth, health, love and happiness”. Julie Wiggins. -Sydney

How would you feel that from the advice you took year on year over the last 30 years that you can still comfortable rely on, that your present assets give you a reliable income to support your busy lifestyle in retirement? Are you maximising the true power of financial advice for your Self Managed Super Fund!?

It’s All About Control

With your own self managed superannuation fund – you’re in control.

In contrast to your typical public offer fund or employer sponsored company fund, you are the ‘captain of the ship’, steering your own self managed superannuation fund towards retirement and beyond.

As trustee of your own self managed fund you are in charge of the day-to-day running of the fund, including management of investments and the administrative and compliance obligations. This means you also take on all the legal responsibilities.

Be careful, you might even have fun with SMSF Financial Advice!

It is apparent that more and more people actually enjoy being in control as a trustee of their own self managed superannuation fund. Whether you are still working and accumulating super for retirement or you have retired, you have the option of getting as involved as you please. Some people enjoy getting involved with the day to day administration of the fund and certainly, for some, it can provide an enjoyable extra ‘hobby’ during their retirement years. The beauty is that the choice is yours.

To find out if a self managed superannuation fund is the right option for you, speak direct with us as your potential your financial planner.

Special Bonus: If you are in the first 15, you will also receive our newly designed tool called “Financial Advice Budget Tool”. This amazing new tool allows you to effectively make sure you are on top of your cash flow, income and expenses, assets and liabilities.

Call now or simply leave your contact details below for SMSF Advice! Ph: 1300 850 902.

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