How to Pay off your Home Loan quickly!?

Capitalize on the Top 10 Loan Tips!

  • Look outside the big banks.
  • Use bonuses and tax returns to make extra repayments.
  • Make your first repayment on settlement date.
  • Make repayments more often.
  • Do not lower your repayments when interest rates fall.
  • Use an offset account.
  • Look for a home loan with a portability.
  • Pay loan fees and charges upfront.
  • Increase savings and reduce costs.
  • Review your loan facility regularly.

Getting ahead is important just as is paying down debt. The banks love a long term customer, just as much as the customer enjoying that bank will time and time again lend them money.
Markets can be cyclical and given rates can rise with regards to potentially low valuations, its wise to make sure that you always have emergency funds.

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