Once you’re totally disabled there is no turning back time to get the life you once had.
Total and Permanent Disability Insurance can help you cope financially when one is disabled and unable to work again.

Total and Permanent Disability Insurance Cover does not pay a monthly income stream like Income protection insurance does. Instead provides a lump sum that you can use to:

  • Pay for disability-related costs including rehabilitation.
  • Pay for changes to your lifestyle. I.e. to refit your home.
  • Enable your partner to reduce their working hours to look after you or, alternatively, to get a carer.
  • Pay off your mortgage or any other debts you may have.
  • Provide a reserve to use as an income replacement.

In the event of a potential claim a reliable source of income is important to cover your lifestyle expenses and financial commitments. Without the achieved income streams needed to cover the shortfalls, salary continuance can potentially maintain your direct debits and creditors at bay whilst under medical assessment.

Payment of a lump sum TPD can be made in the event of:

  • If unable to work;
  • For loss of a limb(s) or sight; and/or
  • If unable to perform basic daily living activities.

If your family relies on your income, a TPD Benefit reduces the likelihood of your family suffering financial distress in the event that you are unlikely to work again due to a permanent disability. You will have money for expenses such as rent or mortgage payments.

Unable to Work

There are two definitions that exist within the unable to work criteria of TPD. These are known as “ANY” and “OWN” occupation TPD.

What else is there i should know about TPD?

  • Payments can be denied if the claimant is not 100% totally and permanently disabled.
  • Extinguish your debts today and get the peace of mind that you deserve.

It’s important that a Wyse Wealth Insurance Specialist calculates the right amount of cover that will give you, financial support up to retirement age. There is nothing worse than not having enough Total and Permanent Disability Insurance. Let’s make it right together! For the best option simply call 1300 850 902 today or leave your details below.

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