Transition to Retirement is a tax effective strategy that could benefit you if you are age 55 and over and still working. (TTR). The strategy is a Government initiative that gives workers aged 55 or over, access to their super money before retirement.

The Transition to Retirement Income Stream allows those that have reached their preservation age to supplement their income while still working. A TTR is a tax-advantaged solution for those near retirement who wish to use their superannuation to generate a regular income. A TTR Income Stream may be useful if you want to reduce your working hours while receiving an income stream to top up any drop in salary. The TTR Income Stream may also provide a tax effective way to maximise your retirement savings by salary sacrificing into superannuation, while topping up your income via the income stream.

A Transition to Retirement strategy could help you with one of the following:

  • Ease into retirement by reducing your working hours but still maintain your take-home income.
  • Boost your savings and maintain your income.
  • Boost your take-home income.
  • Tax benefits and other such benefits.
  • Pay down mortgage debt and or pay off non deductible debt.
  • Eliminate the need for personal loans that have been in force for the last few years.
  • Provide access to other forms of investments and or lifestyle hobbies.

How does Transition to Retirement work?

Super is a tax-effective environment. Provided we have your tax file number, you only pay 15% tax on the contributions you make with pre-tax income, and up to 15% tax on investment earnings. This means, instead of being taxed at your marginal tax rate which can be as high as 46.5%, you may only pay 15% when you put your salary into your super. As most people who are currently aged 55 or over can have access to their super through a Transition to Retirement pension, that money isn’€™t locked away until you completely retire.

If you are considering what options you can afford to make prior to winding down into retirement and what to know more about the pension side of things, let us know and we’ll be more than happy to help.


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